Historic sightings

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Historic Special Traders

  • When the Trader appeared on January 6, 2008, the TE servers were so overwhelmed, that only about 20% of the people online at the time were able to take advantage of the Trader. To partially make up for that, when the Trader next appeared on January 9th, he only charged a fee of 10 gold.
  • On February 19, 2008, everyone's HUD skipped a turn when the Trader appeared. To make up for that, the Trader reappeared about an hour later.
  • On September 25, 2008, the Trader appeared in all kingdoms at the same time. He only asked for 100 gold. Prior to that special occasion. TE servers had been down for around 9 hours.
  • Due to downtime for extended periods the Trader made appearances for free on January 13, September 14th 2012, June 30th 2013, Nov 22nd 2013
  • On May 11th 2013 a free trader in honor of the success of Relay for Life fundraiser
  • On August 21th 2017 there was a free trader... had it something to do with the solar eclipse in the USA?

Historic Mysterious Trader Sightings