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I noticed that by editing the Trader Sightings all links to sightings from the past have been deleted. (The pages as they are still exist) I stopped as last of the Mohawks editing those sightings, but at certain times (december sightings) I like to look back. It took some creativity to find the old pages.

Would it be possible to restore the trader sighting index page?

Ty in advance, happy holidays!

Ener Bing

  • I went ahead and added a historic sightings master list which has the links to the old pages, and included it at the bottom of the MT page. I'm curious why you would want to keep that info, as the timing is all randomized. There might be a way to use historic data to determine the times of the Santa traders, since those are Empire-wide, or at least the frequency, but that would be better included as a short topic on the main Mysterious Trader page if it can be summarized. I'll take a look at that later tonight and see what I can do. BuckarooMu (talk) 12:27, 23 December 2017 (PST)