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General information

Tiny Empires 3000 is a massively multiplayer game that you play entirely in the HUD window in Second Life. The game is set far in the future, when the human race has spread across most of the galaxy. A devastating galactic war has ended, and the corrupt empire of old has been overthrown by a freedom-seeking rebellion force. The economy, badly damaged during the war, is starting to recover. Goods are being traded again among the various star systems.

You start out as a Pilot with a single transport spaceship, earning a modest living by delivering goods to outlying colonies and trade outposts.

The goal of the game is simple: Grow your trade empire by purchasing ships, joining a guild, gaining subordinates, and cultivating colonists.

Of course, you may find that friends make for good subordinates, and subordinates can make very good friends.

The game hud will go into idle mode after a while of no activity, similar to original Tiny Empires. In idle mode there is no income, no dues, nothing. So there is no danger in leaving your HUD attached all night.

For choosing your own superior, the following rules apply: the superior has to have a minimum of 5 ships, maximum 3 ranks down can hook up with a superior. This limit was relaxed in 2010 - a Mogul is now the highest rank that can take on a Pilot.

Medals, Titles & Ship Caps

Guildleaders can assign medals and custom titles. Operations Managers can assign titles within the guild and Operations Assistants can do the same for their downline only.

Custom titles persist until replaced and survive changes in rank. However a title will begin to fade over a period of a few days if the holder changes guilds.

Each medal gives an award of extra personal ships and an increase in the maximum number of personal ships from 3000. Although medals can fade with guild moves, increases in personal ship ceiling are permanent.

Medals must be awarded in sequence, so the Star of Hera is always the first.

Star of Hera - 10 personal ships, ship cap increased to 3100

Order of Merit - 15 personal ships, ship cap increased to 3250

Cross of the Guardian - 20 personal ships, ship cap increased to 3500

Once a guild has donated 10,000 ships to the Reserve, the Guild Leader can have custom names for its medals. For the Cosmic Paradise guild, the custom medal names are:

1st Title - Eternal Beacon of Light

2nd Title - The Big Bang Medal

3rd Title - Master of the Cosmos

If a Guildleader tries assigning a medal/title a fourth time it is regarded as an attempt to convert that player to an Operations Assistant. Similarly, doing it a fifth time converts an Operations Assistant to an Operations Manager.

The Title offers available to the Operations Manager/Operations Assistants do not include medals or a ship grant and can therefore be used even to re-title someone who has received all three medals.

Where a guild has completed the assignment of 10,000 ships into their reserve fleet the Guildleader gains the option to rename the three standard medals. Their other properties are unchanged.

Credit Caps

Credit cap was verified reached with photos on 06/21/2012 by Celeste Auer of Cosmic Paradise. The cap is 10,000,000,000,000 (10 Trillion) credit. Profits continue to be acquired monthly, but then are lost the following month. Depending on earnings or expenses per month, the total will exceed slighly the 10 Trillion credit or fall just below it for a month. Once this was reached and reported to the game creator, he verified that the maximun cap for this game was 10 Trillion. There had been a prior report of someone reaching the cap, but it was after the time they stated having it and were not able to verify it. The amount was different that the above amount and what was verified by the game creator.


  • Disease
  • Corruption
  • Piracy (The Hand of Anarchy)

Possible actions

  • ask for guild protection - price and effect depend on several factors (increase of population)
  • hire war-hardened mercs - price and effect depend on several factors (increase of population)
  • learn about base defense (a.k.a. Research) - price and effect depend on several factors (research pays off in due time)
  • cut a deal with pirates - price and effect depend on several factors


When someone has three colonies, the possibility comes to research:

  • Disease
  • Corruption
  • "Hand of Anarchy"

So far: after 20x research, researching one of the disasters mentioned above results in 200 credits/ship increased efficiency and resistances to future disasters of that type. Further effects of research are not known at the moment.


Fatigue builds up in your fleet from too much trade activity. It only affects you after quite a long time of playing the game in a single day. If you are affected, you will see (Fatigue) at the bottom of your ACCTS tab. It lowers your earnings 1.25% per turn. Windfalls, commission, census and fleet earnings are all affected. Ship buying and selling are not, and guild dues are not. It resets back to zero once per day (at around midnight SLT). You don't have to do anything. It resets whether you are online or off. Fatigue does not build up during idle mode.

Taking your HUD off will not reset fatigue, only the game reset once a day will do that. You won't lose credits, your income goes down, and if you get the mysterious diamond black ship (trader) you won't earn income from that either while in fatigue.


To get a solution for the puzzles, check out the website: Erzabet's TE Calculators

Unity questions

Most people just answer NO on every question, so the chance of gaining some credits is biggest when you answer NO like the majority does [we're talking about percentages of around 90%!!!]. When you're building a flagship Director's Quest, you need 20 YES-answers to the unity questionsm this gived the non-conformist votes needed for the Quest. So it helps when people who are going for the credits answer NO!

There are a couple of unity questions we know of now. They are: