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The Kingdom of Vogelshire

The Kingdom of Vogelshire is named after the German Vogel family, originating from Thuringia between Hessen and Lower Saxony in the west and Saxony in the east. To find out more about the roots of Vogelshire use this link: http://www.houseofnames.com/xq/asp.fc/qx/vogel-family-crest.htm

Vogelshire was established by BlewByU Westland in march 2009. Together with her husband Andrew14 Jie she made Vogelshire a flourishing kingdom. At december the 5th 2009 BlewbyU abdicated and Dicky Diesel became King of Vogelshire. Vogelshire is a peaceful kingdom dedicated to a drama free, fun environment. Friendship between the members and helping eachother out are important. We are a family. We have no aspirations for any specific rank in Tiny Empires. Its about the people not the acres. Just a fun place to socialize and make new friends. Vogelshire holds friendly relations with the following monarchies: Beleeza, Euphoria, Independence, Almatari, Claddagh, Cinq Terre, Migliore and Swank.

If you have any questions about Vogelshire or want to join in the fun of playing, please contact Dicky Diesel, Gort6 Falta or Phedra Diavolo inworld. You are very welcome !