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Citizen Growth issues

This page has more info on Citizens than on the Fed Hud. Perhaps a Citizen's discussion would merit it's own page?

The 150% cap appears only to apply towards homage returns. Examples of how this is calculated and capped would be useful.

This 150% cap does NOT appear to affect the yearly bonus... or is it only every two years? The census bonus you get of one gold for every 9 citizens, not including the gold you get for every direct subject. I thought this bonus was yearly. It isn't? Odd years? Even years? I notice the ultimate 5000% cap. What happens when one hits the cap? Does one simply continue to throw away money on the top priced selection without expecting more?

The census bonus is in January of each even-numbered year. When you have citizens above the 5000% cap, at some point you have a mass die-off. I lost 150,000 citizens that way once upon a time. ValentineJanus 15:40, 19 August 2008 (UTC)

Ok, now I had a famine a few TE months ago, I spent top dollar, but NOTHING changed. No increase of citizens, and "more research is needed in this area." Another person on our group chat noticed this as well. Anyone else notice this? Something seems afoot to change things here. :) --Romaq 2008-AUG-16 08:30 (SLT)

It would appear at a certain point research is a gold sink, and I need the less expensive option to grow my citizens. I'm going to try that option. This seemed to happen around the 250 personal acre mark, 330% citizen mark. Further development of this wrinkle would be most appreciated. :) --Romaq 2008-AUG-16 13:34 (SLT)

Research does not grow citizens (although I haven't met anyone who has completed a research programme yet). I'm researching disease to seek the knowledge and taking the option half that price with crime and famine to grow my populace. The longest stretch of research I've heard of yet is six (with no readily apparent results). ValentineJanus 15:40, 19 August 2008 (UTC)

Choosing to buy goods from a neighbor at half the cost of research, and that brings in more citizens. However, my Queen GreenShamrock McMahon suggests paying for the research at least five times in a row, even at double the expense, just to see. --Romaq 2008-AUG-16 15:34 (SLT)

Ok, "Queen Greenie" found that if you start research on a given topic (example, famine) you need to keep paying for that research, and if you are offered to research another topic, choose the 'middle value' option instead, or you will loose the research you already paid for. --Romaq 2008-AUG-16 20:34 (SLT)

When Paying for 3the time highest for disease, i got this "You feel that you've gained wisdom in the methods of disease prevention and cure" noting else more also not saying annymore "it would be wise to continue research on disease" wish it did say 2times before il edit when i get more - Alexandrea Fride 2008-AUG-20 05:54 (SLT)

-same for 4the time

-5the and 6the time this is added "You have learned some, but theres is much more to learn" --Alexandrea Fride 2008-AUG-22 04:49 (SLT)

-7the time same as 5&6the time --Alexandrea Fride 2008-AUG-23 04:30 (SLT)

-8the time same as 7the time --Alexandrea Fride 2008-AUG-23 07:40 (SLT)

Yeah... this new stuff looks like it should be it's own page. Is anyone in a position to munch the data here into something coherent and we can update it from there? I'm new at this, and I would prefer to not be the one who does it wrong. --Romaq 2008-AUG-23 15:20 (SLT)

Done. ValentineJanus 21:21, 27 August 2008 (UTC)

Thank you, bless you, the Talk:Citizens page looks like the perfect place for any new discoveries pending insertion to the Citizens page. --Romaq 2008-AUG-23 07:16 (SLT)

Update By King BigBadaBoom Bing of Gianfar --Alexandrea Fride 14:21, 26 August 2008 (UTC)

Last Updated August 25, 2008

For Federation HUD users only.

Here's the latest known on researching disasters

Earlier this month, a new 4th option appeared for disasters to do 'research' on a disaster. The amount to pay on this new option is double the previous highest option, and you actually lose citizens when you select this option. You also get this message:

"You've gained wisdom. You've learned much but the finer points remain."

As you keep paying this expensive research, on the same disaster, you start to gain knowledge for that disaster. If you try to research a different disaster, you lose your previously gained knowledge on the other disaster, so apparently you can only research one disaster at a time..

So what is the reward? Well, if you pay to research the same disaster 20 times, then you become an expert for that disaster, and get a +3g bonus in your land production! But beware! If you attempt to then research another disaster, you lose the +3g bonus.

For example:

"the people of the area appreciate your interest in the sciences. however, by trying to research crime, you've lost your benefits as an expert in famine"

Bear in mind, this is all new stuff, so it is still work in progress. It does raise some new questions. Is there a way to research each of the other disasters? What happens if you research a disaster more than 20 times?

I'll keep you posted on any new developments.

Your King, BigBadaBoom Bing