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Current standings can be found on the main standings page (linked to an external page on the left).

Standings Key

  • Mounted Knight: has won 10 jousting matches
  • Book: has completed the Trader's locked book quest
  • Sheriff's badge: has finished researching crime
  • Stalk of wheat: has finished researching famine
  • Red Cross: has finished researching disease
  • Oval with 'GV': Grand Viceroy/Vicereine
  • Oval with 'V': Viceroy/Vicereine
  • Crown: 1000 personal acres
  • Bejeweled Crown: has completed the Path To Royalty


  • Prince/Princess: Light Blue Radiant-cut Diamond
  • Duke/Duchess: Purple Round-cut Amethyst
  • Marquis/Marquise: Blue Round-cut Sapphire
  • Count/Countess: Red Pear-cut Ruby
  • Viscount/Viscountess: Green Marquise-cut Emerald
  • Baron/Baronness: Orange Princess-cut Topaz
  • Knight/Dame: Yellow Princess-cut Citrine
  • Squire/Squiress: Pink Heart-cut Rose
  • Peasant: Light Blue Inverse Trillion-cut Turquoise
  • Wanderer: Dark Green Trillion-cut Peridot