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Ranks and Acres

No. Title Holdings LPF Homage
0 Wanderer 0 acres na na
1 Peasant 1–4 acres 7 9
2 Squire(ss) 5–9 acres 6 8
3 Knight/Dame 10–24 acres 6 7
4 Baron(ess) 25–49 acres 6 6
5 Viscount(ess) 50–99 acres 6 5
6 Count(ess) 100–199 acres 5 4
7 Marquis(e) 200–399 acres 5 3
8 Duke/Duchess 400–999 acres 5 2
9 Prince(ss) 1000+ acres 4 1

LPF above stands for land price factor. The price of land is the land price factor for your rank multiplied by the square of the number of personal acres you already own.

Example: A Prince with 500 personal acres pays 500 * 500 * 4 = 1,000,000 for his next acre. A Duke with the same land would pay 500 * 500 * 5 = 1,250,000 for the same acre.

The rank of King or Queen is no longer based on acreage alone. A minimum of 20,000 acres is needed, and the LPF is 4. But the rise to ruling monarch also requires completing a Path to Royalty (see notes below) through the Federation HUD. A reasonable estimate for making the improvements required is 400,000,000 gold or more.

The chart above refers to the amount of land needed to ascend. It is a combination of your personal land and the land of all of your subjects. NOTE: It is not advisable to become a Prince(ss) with less then 200 acres of personal land, because you will lose 1 gold/acre due to loss of moral.

Path to Royalty Notes

The Path to Royalty notes have been moved to a page of their own.

Recruiting and Ranks

Swearing and receiving allegiance

You can only swear allegiance to a player 1-3 ranks higher than you are. (Exception: A Prince or Princess can give allegiance to another Prince or Princess.)

This means that new players with 0 acres can only be recruited by Knights/Dames or below, or by Baron/Baroness ranks after being first given an acre by someone.

It's a good idea to do all your new player recruiting before you have 50 acres (Viscount/ess). Otherwise, while you're in the 50-99 acre range, you'll need to feed the new player 5 acres before you can take them on . . . or worse, if you're in the 100-199 acre range, 10 acres.

To recruit somebody whose rank is too low for you, you have two basic choices:

  • Give them acres, or find them a subject, to raise their rank; or
  • Have them join one of your lower ranking subjects.

Holding subjects

As you advance in rank, you cannot keep a direct subject more than 5 ranks lower than your current rank. This means, for example, that a Prince/Princess can hold a Baron(ess) but nothing lower.

If you are coming up for promotion, check the ranks of your direct subjects. If you are going to lose one, either move them under someone lower down if you can, or build up their rank with land or subjects! Otherwise you will be promoted and instantly demoted again when your subject is thrown out. Your former subject will also become liegeless, and will get randomly assigned by the Emperor to a new liege.

This may have changed recently, though. A Duchess was promoted to Princess in early November 2009 when a subject changed allegiance to her, and another subject, a Dame, was not orphaned. It is not known just why not, at this point, but about 50 game years have passed since the promotion at this writing.

Giving and Receiving Acres

Players may give acres to any other player of equal or lesser rank, and to players one rank above their own.

Lieges & Subjects FAQs:

Q: What happens if a subject overtakes their liege?

A: This is not possible because a liege's rank is based on the total of all their subjects acres as well as their own.

EA: This can be done Gold production per acre. Especially if the system omits points of upgrade to the liege, which has happened.