Queendom of Vanaheim

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(the) Queendom Of Vanaheim

Vanaheim ~ Land Of The Vanir The Vanir are a group of wild nature and fertility Gods and Goddesses, the sworn enemies of the warrior gods of the Aesir. Considered to be the bringers of health, youth, fertility, luck and wealth, and masters of magic, they also know the future . . Vanaheim, is one of the nine world regions in Norse mythology, on the highest level of the universe & is the home of the Vanir. Njord, god of the sea, was born here and will return, after Ragnarok . . .

This is VANAHEIM, the World of the VANIR . .

Queen Savanah Lewsey ascended to her throne in the Queendom Of Vanaheim on Wednesday February 4th at 3.30pm SLT. She ascended from the Kingdom Of Paradise, under the rule of King Bigbadaboom Bing. The name "Vanaheim" is taken from Norse Mythology ~ see above ~ The Queendom Of Vanaheim is fun place to be and a NO SABOTAGE Queendom, we will not retaliate! We may be relatively small, but as they say, "small is beautiful" :D