Queendom of Godiva

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Queen Peachy Sassoon ascended and formed the Queendom of Godiva on Sunday, September 17, 2008, from the Kingdom of Charm. Queen Peachy had been a long time member in the Kingdom of Charm, in fact this is the only kingdom she was in. Rumor has it that she had been in Charm since December '07 or January '08 (Do you know when you came??????).

Queen Peachy along with Prince Xerxes Sismondi throw immersive theme parties twice a week at Drama Libre. While other places keep the same club and the same old thing happening, Drama Libre is torn down and they rebuild the entire set every week to match the themes. Please come and join in the fun Thu 5pm to 9pm SL time or Sat 8pm to Sun 2am SL time.

That is just one of the many fun things going on over at Godiva. Of course we wouldn't be called Godiva if we weren't about having YUMMY CHOCOLATES riiiiiiiight? lol Our group chat is very active and you can always find someone willing to help you out if you have a problem or question.

Of course we continue our alliances with the kingdoms we previously were in as well as those that are friends of Queen Peachy. At Godiva we encourage friendships and know they can only improve as our Queendom gets bigger. We discourage sabotaging as we want to remain peaceful not only with our former kingdoms and friends but with our neighbors as well.

We hope you will consider joining us in Godiva. We would love to have you! And please feel free to ask any of us for a yummy piece of Godiva chocolate.

Have a look at our pictures we get together during the "TRADER" and for the "FESTIVAL" and there is always a rockin good time......... http://www.flickr.com/photos/queendomofgodiva/