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The King of Paradise, BigBadaBoom Bing, ascended with great fanfare on February 5th, 2008. On this joyous day, we entered the list of Independent Kingdoms at #6 (16th overall) out of 33 then existing kingdoms. Paradise is a Kingdom whose first goal is one of mutual support, invested in everyone's success and work diligently for each other to achieve that end. We have a great sense of fun and community, and uplines giving gold and acreage to downlines is a common practice in our Kingdom. If we have a flaw, it's that we all rise in rank so quickly that it's difficult to keep people at a low enough rank to accept wanderers and peasants. We also support people with their own ascensions. We have done so well that area that no less than 56 other Kings/Queens have ascended to their own kingdoms after spending time under BigBadaBoom Bing, the most of any other Monarch. The kingdom also has the distinction of being the first kingdom ever in Tiny Empires to reach 500,000 acres in September 2008. Land tracts and tax amnesties are given out by the King every day, and over 1,000 Special Titles have been given out to members of the kingdom.

(BigBadaBoom is also the Guild Leader of Cosmic Paradise in Tiny Empires 3000 and the only person in Tiny Empires history to have had a #1 ranked Kingdom and a #1 ranked Guild)

Paradise is a very social Kingdom, and we have Kingdom-wide parties. We have a large area (measuring 256x256 meters) dedicated just for the kingdom members to hangout at. The Paradise area includes a large castle, a village, forests and a dedicated Trader area with special chairs to help people with the Trader's Generosity bonus. Our Group Chat is active with over 1000 members. We celebrate each other's promotions, milestone acre marks, and everything else - Birthdays and Rez days. We share tips and strategy - many of which were developed and written by the King himself - including the Mysterious Trader page on this Wiki site. When the Trader does appear, many of us congregate to facilitate taking best advantage of the trader's gifts, and to advise our newcomers in maximizing their trade or troubleshooting their issues. We also understand that Tiny Empires is just a game, and not something to be taken too seriously.

We hope you will consider joining us and being a part of this unusual and special thing we are making together.