New Deseret

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About the kingdom

The Kingdom of New Deseret began as a principality within the Kingdom of Camelot. It grew to become an independent kingdom in the game on 13 December 2008, the sixth kingdom to ascend from Camelot.

The group of players that make up New Deseret in Tiny Empires have almost all started since 23 June 2008, when Valentine Janus started to play and recruited Ingeborg Apfelbaum and Seth Troell. We use the name because many of us, but by no means all, have ties to the Latter-day Saint communities in Second Life®. In fact, Princess Tascha Klees actually owned the Deseret sim and later sold it to Valentine.

We try to play nice and have fun together. Queen Valentine expresses it simply: "I do not accept, offer, or solicit bribes, and do not engage in sabotage." She encourages these values.

As a set of Second Life sims

On 13 October 2008 New Deseret took on a physical presence within the Second Life world as Valentine bought two sims from Tascha. After a little maneuvering the State of New Deseret was formed, at one time composed of five sims but now reverted to two following the Linden Lab price increases on openspace sims. Val's longstanding recreation business reorganized and moved in.

The City of Enoch sim is a sky city 500m above an open water surface, with only a small fishing camp breaking the expanse of navigable water. The Deseret sim is connected by land to the Zarahemla sim in the south, and by water to City of Enoch in the east, with the small airfield-village of Uchtdorf on an island to the north. Both sims have lots for sale.

Kingdom website

Our new website is at

History of trader sightings

Flag and motto

Flag: Argent, on a Canadian pale vert a beehive of the first. Official proportions 2:1.

Kingdom motto: "It's a game, not a lifestyle."

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