List of Kingdoms and Monarchs

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Active Kingdoms and their Monarchs. Standings as of March 23, 2009

Shawna Montgomery, Queen of Avalon. Rank 1

FoxyKim Keegan, Queen of Camelot. Rank 2

BigBadaBoom Bing, King of Paradise. Rank 3

Anastasia Mathilde, Queen of Brittany. Rank 4

Wench Phaeton, Queen of Middle Earth. Rank 5

Bonnie Begonia, Queen of Laurelin. Rank 6

Julie Apocalypse, Queen of Bohemia. Rank 7

Swankhaven Blitz, King of Swank. Rank 8

MoLoveMoFun Hammerer, King of Egypt. Rank 9

Rexx Capalini, King of Charm. Rank 10

Soo Novi, Queen of Gianfar Peaks. Rank 12

Jvizzle Jacques, King of Devonshire. Rank 13

Karrie Nestler, Queen of Migliore. Rank 14

Orpheus Carter, King of Canterbury. Rank 15

Anjali Carter, Queen of Terra Nova. Rank 16

Emarack Schor, King of Legends. Rank 17

EllaMarie Beck, Queen of (The) Highlands. Rank 18

Angella Chesnokov, Queen of Tintagel. Rank 19

Spyder Princess, Queen of Persia. Rank 20

Madmaz2 Holmer, King of Twilight. Rank 21

TRoy Chemistry, King of (The) Kingdom of Future Light. Rank 22

Draxx Vanbeeck, King of the Kingdom of Darkness. Rank 23

Storyguy Kidd, King of Atlantis. Rank 24

Luluk Zenovka, Queen of Nil Thespia. Rank 25

BackHome Soon, King of Home. Rank 26

Alexandra Fallon, Queen of Artemis. Rank 27

Angeleyes Swindlehurst, Queen of The Kingdom of Heaven. Rank 28

Zelinna Jacques, Queen of Wight. Rank 29

Nicolina Cale, Queen of Gaia. Rank 30

Kaylantra Kasshiki, Queen of Northwoods. Rank 31

Alamiga Anatine, Queen of Angels of the Empire. Rank 32

Bratt Lunasea, King of Acheron. Rank 33

Deana Waydelich, Queen of Astraea. Rank 34

Vixen Fairplay, Queen of WyPlay. Rank 35

Kahlest Enoch, Queen of Draconus Spiritus. Rank 36

Thorgrym Hammerer, King of Isle of Chivalry. Rank 37

Cherry Sol, Queen of Irony. Rank 38

Peachy Sassoon, Queen of (the) Queendom of Godiva. Rank 39

Paden Foggarty, King of DragonSong. Rank 40

SpUnKy Young, Queen of Phoenix Rising. Rank 41

Whippaa Molinari, Queen of Sheba. Rank 42

Harmony Deschanel, Queen of Quixotica. Rank 43

Shadalee Heron, Queen of Charm Enchantment. Rank 44

Samuel Dallin, King of Empyrean. Rank 45

Petruschka Paine, Queen of (the) Queendom of Naughty and Nice. Rank 46

Fanny Woolley, Queen of (The) Temple of Doom. Rank 47

sallysue Cahill, Queen of Verona. Rank 48

Ellie Bearcat, Queen of Caledon. Rank 49

snowy Sidran, Queen of Misterioso. Rank 50

Symone DeCuir, Queen of Thousand Lights. Rank 51

Corsi Mousehold, Queen of El O'Ell. Rank 52

Tamara Mortlock, Queen of Excalibur. Rank 53

Blaize Korobase, Queen of Fiery Charm. Rank 54

CatAngel Nightfire, Queen of Insanity. Rank 56

Vir Go, Queen of Dragonfire. Rank 57

Mystique Suavage, Queen of Blood Roses & Tears. Rank 58

Muffy Babii, Queen of Glorious Phoenicia. Rank 59

Whisper Dallagio, Queen of (The) Charmed Menagerie. Rank 60

Rixhawz Milestone, King of Thespiae. Rank 61

Tali Tsure, Queen of Unity. Rank 62

Kronik Lockjaw, King of Risa. Rank 63

Misfit Waco, King of (the) Kingdom of Castalia. Rank 64

Brieanne Bomazi, Queen of Phantasm. Rank 67

Sparky Schridde, King of Diamonds. Rank 68

Amadeuss Rosca, King of Amadeuss' Charmed Ones. Rank 69

Tamara Whiteberry, Queen of (the) Tamarind Coast. Rank 70

Ayalara Merlin, Queen of Mystical Dawn. Rank 71

Hallie Torricelli, Queen of Gothic Rose. Rank 72

Bootski Broome, Queen of Lothlorien. Rank 73

Luciana Sciarri, Queen of Asgard. Rank 74

Kateri Runningbear, Queen of Oneiros. Rank 75

Mirari Cheney, Queen of Sanctuary. Rank 76

Deltek Minotaur, King of Euphoria. Rank 77

Ranchan Weidman, Queen of Hidden Valley. Rank 78

Savanah Lewsey, Queen of the Queendom Of Vanaheim. Rank 79

Yasmine Meads, Queen of Aotearoa. Rank 80

Romano Brandenburg, King of (the) Kingdom of Dreams. Rank 82

Tristan Micheline, Queen of Land of Serenity. Rank 83

Daemonic Sinister, King of Sherwood Forest. Rank 84

Sookie Silverspar, Queen of Feytasm. Rank 85

Kelia Theas, Queen of Sirona. Rank 86

Misbehaved Brummer, King of Mystical Fantasy. Rank 87

BigJohn Troglodite, King of Valhalla. Rank 89

Gemini Enfield, King of (The) Vortex. Rank 88

Jr Offcourse, King of (the) Emerald Kingdom of Douglas. Rank 90

Calypso Llewellyn, Queen of Treasure Island. Rank 91

Derekc Alter, King of Wild Protea. Rank 92

Gart Hitchcock, King of Eragon. Rank 93

Data Zamani, King of Troy. Rank 94

Nitephire Westland, King of Devilshire. Rank 97

Erich Richez, King of Essex. Rank 99

Rose Kenzo, Queen of Heavenly Realms. Rank 100

Lisaine Raymaker, Queen of k'Sheyna. Rank 101

Bellebella Ashbourne, Queen of Aurora. Rank 102

Mia Sanchez, Queen of Guardian Angels. Rank 103

sazzysaphire Bijoux, Queen of Dragon and Rose. Rank 104

Cordova Decosta, King of Kingdom of Misfits. Rank 105

DrCyberPHD Hammerer, King of Olympus. Rank 107

Peter2 Veliz, King of Windsor. Rank 108

Claudy Yalin, Queen of DareToDream. Rank 109

Tarot Anubis, Queen of Medius. Rank 110

Miriam Nomura, Queen of (the) Swamps. Rank 111

Valentine Janus, Queen of New Deseret. Rank 113

Lisawdw Dawg, Queen of Gondor. Rank 114

KyraDevon Graves, Queen of Terabithia. Rank

Minor/Inactive Monarchs and Kingdoms

Queen Starhawk Ranger of Dreamscape

King CP Costello of Iron Fist

King Cujo Mayo of Arcadia

Queen bflymel Lollipop of Mariposa

Queen Pannie Paperdoll of Devotion

Queen Briggi Bard of Xanth

Queen JellyBean Madison of Mayhapsibly

Queen Celesta Messmer of the Celestial Queendom

Queen Niecey Heart of Hearts

King Celty Westwick of Wessex

Queen Sypress Jacques of Damn Cool

Queen Eva Tiramisu of Somerset

King SoCalDave Birdbrain of the Asylum

Queen Tippi Dagger of Queendom of the Embraced

Queen Sasie Spice of The Kitty Kingdom

King HawksRock Gunawan of Mayhaps Too

King Drake Czervik of Ruin

King LordBritish Tarber of Britannia

Queen Kiya McMahon of Genowhere

Queen Deva Babii of Old Dracheheim

Queen Syane Jewell of Chalon-sur-Saone

Queen Gira Bryant of Terre d'Ange

King Raist Ellison of The Dream Land

King Avoski Silverspar of Utopia

King Wizard Howlett of the Kingdom Of Mystical Friends

King MajorThor Alderson Of Lionhearts