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The Kingdom of Lionhearts arose on the 15th of November 2008, when King MajorThor Alderson[1] ascended and took his throne. It has since grown in leaps and bounds to become the large and thriving Kingdom it is now.

The name is, of course, inspired by one of the most popular historical English Kings. For more information see [2]

As a Kingdom, Lionhearts is a peaceful and welcoming one. We do not sabotage, ever. We have strong internal policies, ensuring stability and internal harmony. We are allied with a few other large Kingdoms, and maintain good diplomatic relationships with many.

We also have a strong events organisation, with many official Kingdom parties, contests, auctions, and social functions. We hold events every week, which are well-attended and well, just plain fun.

Please feel free to browse our web presence at [3]

Our Kingdom group (Tiny Empires - Lionhearts Kingdom[4]) hosts a very lively chat. The Kingdom has members from all over the real life globe, and the chat reflects this.

Lionhearts is more than just a Kingdom, it is a welcoming, lively, and compassionate family. We would love to welcome you.