Kingdom of the Free

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Kingdom of the Free was founded by Johan Guffey on 31 October 2010. Our starting rank was 52. By May 2011, Free had risen into the top 25. After 1 year, Johan Guffey abdicated and he was sure with Queen Newdawn Congrejo he had found the best person to take over the Kingdom of the Free. She did very well and by February 2012, Free had reached top 10. Queen Newdawn Congrejo led the kingdom to rank 5 during her reign. After 2 years and 3 months, Queen Newdawn abdicated and together with Johan Guffey, she found the new Queen, Cybele698. This new Queen took over in January 2014 and was able to keep the kingdom together as well as inspire a fresh spirit for a new period of growth. In august 2014, we arrived at rank 3. Queen Cybele is not only an amazing Queen, she also works hard to keep the kingdom together and organizes events with live performances and DJ's. In March 2015, we reached rank 2. This remarkable achievement was the result of the work of all the people in the kingdom. We are very proud and honored to have this amazing group. Long live the Queen! Long live The Kingdom of the Free!