Festival Record March 2008

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All times are SLT (Pacific) as that is the only timezone we all have in common. Please, for consistency, note the RL time and date, the TE year when the Festival begins, the name of the Monarch graced with the honor of hosting that year's Festival as well as the name(s) of the Jousting Champion(s).

PLEASE follow the formatting as established, changing the format only creates busy work, if unsure, please check a previous month for an example of how to present the information. If an expected item of information is unavailable, simply insert (unknown) in the appropriate part of the sequence.

Please keep entries free from honorific titles, nicknames and commentary, they will get unwieldy rather quickly otherwise.

Here's a sample entry with bogus information: 9:00 am SLT, July 13, 2007, JANUARY 1403 - Queen Llebenti XI - Deeahbowlist Doofus, Yenta Hockstetter (if someone actually has those names, my apologies)

* March Festivals

XX:XX am/pm SLT, RL Month RL Day, 2008, JANUARY TE YEAR - HOSTING MONARCH NAME - Jousting Champion(s) name(s)

02:58 pm SLT, March 16, 2008, JANUARY 1227 - Queen Shawna Montgomery - Jousting Champion(s) name(s)