Efficiency Upgrades

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Production Upgrades & Castle (Reg Hud)

  • Total: 28g / acre (see note below)
  • This includes all the production and housing upgrades along the way
  • See list of production upgrades here Land Improvements

Mysterious Trader (Reg Hud)

  • Total: 2g / acre (see note below)
  • This is given in 1g/acre increments from the Trader. You can get this a maximum of two times.

NOTE: The regular version of the game has a maximum of 30 gold per acre. You can get there by getting all the land improvement upgrades and then getting the rest via the trader. Or, you can get +2 by buying the castle at any time. If you are already at 30 when you buy the castle you do not get 32, but you do get the other benefits the castle brings.

The Book/The Key/The Abott (Fed Hud)

Four Allies & Embassies (Fed Hud)

  • Total: 1g / acre
  • Once you've built 4 embassies, you get this bonus.

Fifth Ally & Embassy (Fed Hud)

  • Total: 1g / acre
  • Once you've built your 5th embassy, you get this bonus.

Jousts at Festival (Fed Hud)

  • Total: 1g / acre
  • Once you've won 10 jousts, you get this bonus.

Famine Research (Fed Hud)

  • Total: 3g / acre
  • Researching Famine 20 levels gives you 3g / acre.


  • Total: 1g/acre

(Note) it has been confirmed that, while random,

this award may be given multiple times.
As of this date (2013/8/4) the highest confirmed number is twice.
for a grand total of +2g/acre (in +1g/acre increments).

Future / Missing

  • Total: ?g / acre
  • Copy / use this section to add more that have been left out.