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Created at December, 2008 by Queen Luciana Sciarri, the Queendom of Asgard came from the Queendom of Isle of Eire.


This is intended to be a drama-free Queendom with no sabotage and no aggresive recruiting. It is not supposed to compete with others to be on the top 10 kingdoms, it aspires to be a friendly place to its members, a place where we understand that Tiny Empires is not about promotions and new subjects, but about making friends.


In old Norse (Scandinavian) mythology, Asgard (Old Norse: Ásgarðr; meaning "Enclosure of the Æsir") is the country or capital city of the Æsir, the Norse Gods.

The Norse mythology, like many other polytheistic others is about the creation of the Universe, the creation of Manking, the relation between the Gods and them and the humans and, off course, the innevitable end of All, the Apocalypse known as Ragnarok.

Of interest, it inspires all segments of our culture, from comics (like Marvel´s Thor), to Richard Wagner´s operas and books. The Lord of the Rings is very inspired by it in several aspects, including the continuous warfare and the existence of non-human races, like the elves and dwarves.

Another important aspect of the Æsir is that, as vikings´Gods, they are not like the Greek or Roman Gods, for example, that devotes almost all their time on politics between them and manipulation of men, but instead they are proud and valiant Gods, that spend their time with noble acts and fighting evil.

The Æsir Titles

01-12-09 Shogun Stephanos Kowalski
01-15-09 Royal Eagle Kiryka Otsuka
01-17-09 Royal Spanker Mistoffelees66 Fimicoloud
01-19-09 Immortal Kokolino Poikolainen
01-20-09 Old and Wise DragonTi Amat
01-22-09 Royally Bound Erienne Zessinthal
01-22-09 Warrior Goddess XENA March
01-23-09 Daimyo Kanmuri Kaul
01-25-09 Underworld Beauty Angie Dubrovna
01-26-09 Royal Gunslinger Noble Baran
01-27-09 The Extraterrestrial Moonites
01-28-09 Royal Swordbearer Whamdammit Merryman
01-29-09 White Valkyrie Floyd Moonbeam
01-29-09 Lil Flower Lili Mayflower
01-30-09 Protector of Swamps MacAarthur Jonson
02-01-09 Sweet Sissy Evanessence Nightfire
02-03-09 Loyal Prince Claudio Earnshaw
02-03-09 Redhead Valkyrie Brigid Thespian
02-05-09 Lord Drackull Constantine
02-05-09 Littlest Princess SarahElizabeth Inglewood
02-07-09 Little Lilly Sayuri Chan
02-09-09 Fabulous Prince Anton Khandr
02-10-09 Sweetie Aluveaux Zerbino
02-10-09 Ronin Sadao Ugajin
02-12-09 Grumpy Dragon Lockheed Muircastle
02-15-09 The Balloon Giver Pennywise Clowes
02-17-09 Ragnarok Wolf Fenris Sveiss
02-18-09 Royal Knight Arthur Gothly
02-19-09 Feline Trouble Kent Fiertze

Aditional Information