Trader Apr 2020

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Huds went off line (April 1st 2020) Jan 1195... or there abouts but Ultralite confirmed we had lost 6 hrs since last backup.. so that would explain the time diff for the first trader.

April 2nd

  • Apr 1178 2:34pm
  • Nov 1188 8:45pm

April 3rd

  • Jun 1199 2:57am
  • Jan 1210 9:03am
  • Aug 1220 3:12pm

Thanks to Shawnie Shelman for the data.

Ultra's message in world:

Game is back up Apr 2

The Tiny Empires game server should be up and running again.

The downtime was caused by a failed hard drive in the server, which happened at around 7:30pm SLT Wednesday. The most recent backup was at noon on that same day. Unfortunately, that means about 7 hours of game changes were lost. I apologize for the trouble. If you have any questions feel free to message me. Ultralite Soleil