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Ranks & Acres ought to have what the homage is. I'll add the column to the table and then fill it in. The reason I'm asking this concerns alt... suppose you have Prince1 --> Prince2 --> Prince3 (--> is the direction of the liege). Each prince has an homage of 1 gold per acre. Does that mean that Prince2 does *not* get to keep any gold from the homage paid by Prince1 at all? What is the best rank to have an alt as a subject so you maximize the gold you get? --Romaq

Answer: Duke at 999 as a subject pays the best, where one more acre (Prince) would pay the liege nothing. If you are going to bother with alts for subjects, have Duke rank alts at 999 acres so you get 999 in homage you get to keep. Also note you get a yearly bonus each subject. Also note, ten subjects at 999 acres each plus your max of 2000 personal acres only gets you to 11990 acres.

Improved Answer: Playing the Federation HUD, simply manage your citizens so you are getting more than 100% of homage income (up to 150% maximum). Now a prince with a prince as a subject still collects a net of up to 0.5g per acre on that princely subject (1.0g homage x 1.5 for 150% less 1g paid up the line as homage), which can still be a lot on a prince with thousands of acres. ValentineJanus 20:01, 5 August 2008 (UTC)
Response: Ah, I didn't consider that angle. Hrm... The problem then becomes one of getting over the 'hump'; getting enough gold out of the deal to make it worth the time to invest in getting them up to earn more gold than just letting them stay at 999 acres. Some sort of chart to translate 'acres' and 'gold' into TE months would be quite useful and instructive. The whole thing with acres and gold really amounts to time invested in the HUD.--Romaq 17:52 5 August 2008 (PDT)

I corrected the part about Wanderers and Peasants not being able to align with a liege. They can. -- Ultralite Soleil

Question - a couple of parts of this seem a bit unclear.

How can a Prince and a Duke be buying the same acre? Is rank solely determined by personal acres? That really doesn't make sense. But then you run into the *HUGE* gap between Prince/ss (1000 acres) and King/Queen (20,000 acres? But only 500 of them personal?) That's way out of the line of the normal progression of acres to up to that point (roughly doubling at each level).

No, rank is determined by total acres not personal acres. ValentineJanus 20:01, 5 August 2008 (UTC)

So - let's ask this - a hypothetical person with *NO* downline - all personal acres - it is *possible* for them to make King/Queen? If so - at 2000 acres, which fits the growth rate, or 20,000, which jumps rather insanely, or perhaps we need an extra rank or two somewhere along the lines - Archduke, Grand Duke, Baronet?

By the way - someone said the Fed HUD is now required to make King/Queen - is this so?

Becoming a King or Queen now requires the Federation HUD and its Path to Royalty. ValentineJanus 20:01, 5 August 2008 (UTC)

However, the example as it stands doesn't make sense - at 500 acres, you're a Duke, and you can't be a Prince. A better example might illustrate the *HUGE* bonus that comes when you buy that last acre to get the next level...

This is not accurate, you can surely be a prince with 500 personal acres, most have much less. I made princess with 184, and one of my subjects did it with 114. Indeed, the oddity in the example as given would be finding a duke with as many as 500 personal acres. ValentineJanus 20:01, 5 August 2008 (UTC)

A Duke with 999 acres is going to make (assuming by now the Trader hasn't given a bonus to production, but other production is maxed out) 28*999 g = 27,972 g and paying 2*999 = 1,998 g as homage for a profit of 25,974 g for each round at that level. To buy his next acre, he'll pay 5*999*999 = 4,990,005 g.

Once he does, he becomes a Prince with 1000 acres. Production is 28,000 g, homage is 1,000 g (?) (Perhaps homage levels should be in the chart, as straight counting suggests Kings/Queens pay no homage), making 27,000/round. His next acre will be 4*1000*1000 = 4,000,000 g. Isn't that rather nice? Rank *definitely* has its privileges! -- TaraLi Jie