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Need to update the tax situation on the main page. Taxes are now at 30% regardless of whether or not your monarch is online. The monarch has the opportunity to grant a 3 year tax holiday once a day or so, but this is a very expensive proposition for them. This is Celesta Messmer (I can't log in for some reason).

The tax information should also reflect that the percentage rate is lower for lower ranks, and moves up as one ascends the food chain. ValentineJanus 18:06, 8 July 2008 (UTC)

>> What happens when a player or Liege logs out?

"Homage payments also seem only to be paid up the line if the other player is similarly available to receive gold."

This is a little misleading:

1) I have personally logged in and seen a higher gold balance on my HUD due specifically to direct subjects in my line paying me homage. While I do not accrue any more money for my own acreage income while offline, direct subjects logged in will pay you homage (while they are online only) even if you are offline.

However, lets say a myself and a direct subject are offline, but a direct subject of theirs is playing. i.e.

Myself (Offline) -> Direct Subject (Offline) -> His/Her Direct Subject (Online)

Homage would be paid to my direct subject and they would see a higher gold balance upon logging in, however I would not receive any offline income as *my* direct subject was not online to pay me.

2) When I am playing, my Accounting Tab shows homage payments incoming to me each month even if my direct subject(s) are not online. While their gold balances are not affected/reduced, my monthly payments do take into account their homage payments even if they are offline.

Your gold probably will be higher when you log back in as when you close the hud or log out of Second Life your next turn still happens and you aren't logged out of Tiny Empires til then. Just like it takes one turn to log you in when you first put the hud on. - Borg Capalini