Land Improvements

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This page is a comprehensive list of improvements to your land which increases your gold per acre. The wording is from screen captures of the relevant improvements. This is the intended format:

  1. What the improvement "gives" you
    1. The way that the game describes the improvement(Price depends on amount of acres owned, so just put ??? gold)
    2. The name of the "offer" you get on the next turn announcing you bought the improvement

Putting in screenshots of the HUD would also work.

List of land improvements

Each improvement increases your gold production per acre by 0.5 gold. Depending on whether you have also increased gold production by some other means (trader, housing, etc.) the description will show different amounts for the gold production that the improvement would give you.

Shovel- It might be nice to have a shovel to dig in your fields.  Your fingernails are worn down.  

A shovel will improve your land production to 10.5 gold per acre. Buy a shovel for XX gold?

Plow- A plow would be more efficient in digging up your land.  

If you buy one, your land will produce 11 gold per acre. Buy a plow for XX gold?

Peasant- Your body aches from working all this land by yourself.  If you hire a peasant to help, 

the two of you can produce 11.5 gold per acre. Hire a worker for XX gold?

Ox- Farming your land is a lot of work!  You could use more muscle.  If you buy an ox 

to pull the plow, your land will produce 12 gold per acre. Buy an ox for XX gold?

Another Peasant- The peasant you hired is tired.  If you hire another peasant, the two together 

will be more efficient, producing 12.5 gold/acre. Hire a worker for XX gold?

Another Plow- When you hired a 2nd peasant, you forgot to supply a plow.  If you buy another plow, 

your peasants will pull 13 gold per acre from your land. Buy a plow for XX gold?

Another Ox- Your poor ox is lonely, and your neighbor has an ox for sale.  If you buy it, 

the team will produce 13.5 gold per acre. Buy an ox for XX gold?

Barn- Your team of oxen refuse to work in the rainy weather.  If you build a barn, 

the beasts will produce a total of 14 g/acre. Build a barn for XX gold?

Hut- Your hired peasants are jealous of the new oxen housing, and they wonder where your priorities lie.  

A worker's hut will increase gains to 14.5 g/acre. Build a hut for XX gold?

Remove Hut- Now that your peasants live inside a hut, they like to sleep a lot. 
Your land will produce 15 gold per acre if you remove the hut.  Remove the hut for XX gold?

Doctor- Your hired peasant workers are complaining of fevers and colds.  If you hire a doctor, 

they will work harder, and your land will produce 15.5 gold per acre. Hire a doctor for XX gold?

Taskmaster- Your hired peasants just aren't working like they used to.  If you hire a taskmaster 

to keep an eye on them, your land will make 16 g/acre. Hire a taskmaster for XX gold?

Horse- A traveler from the east has offered you a horse, which he claims is stronger than your oxen.  

If you buy it, your land will produce 16.5 gold/acre. Buy a horse for XX gold?

Shelter- Your peasants, the doctor, and the taskmaster are complaining loudly about their living conditions.  

If you build a shelter, your land will produce 17 g/acre. Build shelter for XX gold?

Another Horse- Your horse is strong, as promised.  You could use another one.  If you buy another horse, 

your land will produce 17.5 gold per acre. Buy a horse for XX gold?

Horseshoes- Someone at the pub told you his horses worked harder if they wore iron platforms 

on their hooves. His land produced 19 gold per acre with this invention. Buy horseshoes for XX gold?

Two More Peasants- Your acreage has become so large that your two workers cannot handle it 

all themselves. If you hire a couple ore, your land will make 19.5 gold per acre. Hire help for XX gold?

Two More Horses- Your oxen died from overwork.  Fortunately, the horses are working out 

very well. If you buy two more horses, your land will produce 20 gold per acre. Buy horses for XX gold?

Upgrade Plow- Your old plow keeps breaking and costs too much to repair.  If you buy a more modern plow 

your land production will increase to 20.5 gold per acre. Upgrade a plow for XX g?

Seed- You have more land than seed to sow.  Your neighbor has offered to sell you seed 

which will improve your land production to 21 gold/acre. Buy seed for XX gold?

New Barn- Your current barn is too small for your two teams of horses. If you build a new barn, 

your land production will climb to 21.5 gold/acre. Upgrade the barn for XX g?

House- Your workers are sleeping four to a bed in their tiny shelter.  If you expand it 

they will be happier, producing 22 gold per acre. Build a house for XX g?

Storage Bin- Your land is producing too much food to store easily.  If you rent a storage bin in town, 

your food will sell for more (22.5 g/acre.) Rent storage for XX gold?

Eight More Horses- You need more horses to work all this land.  If you buy 4 more horse teams, 

your land production will climb to 23 gold per acre. Buy 8 horses for XX gold?

Four More Peasants- In your haste to buy horses you forgot to hire people to drive them.  If you hire 4 peasants 

to work those horses, your land production will be 23.5 g/acre. Hire help for XX gold?

Foreman- Your peasants are fond of wine and long naps.  

If you hire a foreman, your land will produce 24 g/acre. Hire a foreman for XX gold?

Dormitory- Your peasants have run out of room to sleep.  If you build a large dormitory, 

your land will make 24.5 g/acre. Build a dorm for XX gold?

Fallow- Your land is overworked and has slowed production.  If the land lies fallow for awhile, 

it will produce 25 gold per acre. Pay XX to fallow the land?

Nitrogen- You went to a presentation on something called Nitrogen.  If you put Nitrogen on your land 

it will make 25.5 g/acre. Buy chemicals for XX gold?

Guru- You heard of a farming guru who lives in the hills nearby.  

If you consult him for advice your land will make 26 g/acre. Consult for XX gold?

Castle- As a high-ranking noble, it occurs to you that you need much more defense. If you buy a castle you will receive 2 g/acre permanently and your land will make 28 g/acre. Buy for 1,000,000 gold?

Unorganized list of known land improvements (descriptions unknown)

Here is a list of improvements I remember getting, but I don't remember any of the description wordings or the order they come in, so it's just a quick reference for curious people, I suppose. Feel free to add to this as well.

  • Shovel
  • Plow
  • Peasant
  • Two peasants
  • Four peasants
  • Eight peasants
  • Oxen
  • Two oxen
  • Four oxen (I think?)
  • Horse
  • Two Horses
  • Four Horses
  • Eight Horses
  • Oxen Stable
  • Peasant Housing
  • Remove Peasant Housing
  • Doctor for peasants
  • Foreman for peasants
  • Housing for workers
  • Special seeds
  • Nitrogen
  • Outsource all work

...and a lot more I can't recall.