Efficiency Upgrades

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Production Upgrades

  • Total: 28g / acre
  • This includes all the production and housing upgrades along the way
  • See list of production upgrades here Land Improvements

Mysterious Trader

  • Total: 2g / acre
  • This is given in 1g/acre increments from the Trader. You can get this a maximum of two times.

The Book/The Key/The Abott

  • Total: 2g / acre

4 Allies & Embassies

  • Total: 1g / acre
  • Once you've built 4 embassies, you get this bonus.

5th Ally & Embassy

  • Total: 1g / acre
  • Once you've built your 5th embassy, you get this bonus.

Jousts at Festival

  • Total: 1g / acre
  • Once you've won 10 jousts, you get this bonus.

Famine Research

  • Total: 3g / acre
  • Researching Famine 20 levels gives you 3g / acre.

Future / Missing

  • Total: ?g / acre
  • Copy / use this section to add more that have been left out.