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Author attribution

"Written by BigBadaBoom Bing, King of Gianfar"

Please don't credit authors inline with the text as it gives an impression of possession of a specific bit of text. This can discourage others from editing it, which is against the collaborative intention of a Wiki. The Wiki engine itself lists the person responsible for each edit in the history of the page; BigBadaBoom, it lists you by IP address because you aren't editing from a logged in account. If you create an account, the history page will list you with that account (I'll even see if I can change the attribution in the database, but no promises).

User:WikiSysop 23:58, Mar 22, 2008 (GMT)

  1. REDIRECT What is the Trader

30g limit?

The text suggests that 30g is the maximum per acre production and that it is only attainable through gaining "a few" of the Trader "forevermore" bonuses. This is not accurate; I'm at 28g with one more known to be attainable via completing four embassies, thus requiring at most one such Trader gift. Is the 30g "limit" in fact a limit? ValentineJanus 15:42, 16 July 2008 (UTC)

30g limit? - Answer?

The 30g limit is for the standard HUD only... As you are using the Federation HUD, you will be able to go beyond the 30g limit, though I don't remember the limits off the top of my head.