Fortune Teller

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When you visit the Fortune Teller at the Festival, she'll take your 10 gold and give you cryptic advice.

"A common answer will unite, thence reward of avian white."
larger rewards on the population survey's and lasts from festival to festival - do nothing
"Loyalty won is loyalty earned, Loyalty bent is loyalty spurned."
larger rewards gained for turning down bribes (whilst your liege is online) festival to festival - do nothing
- My direct (ST) says she was given a free acre the next turn that contained suprises (She did not elect to buy an acre the previous turn) - DM
"Charity be it's own reward. Offer <insert letter> what thou afford."
Give someone whose name starts with that letter an acre in the current turn.
"Fame and fortune follow thee but first begin with amity."
more land deals thru your allies from festival to festival - do nothing
"Friendship's gem be rare. Amity begins with <insert letter>."
One of your allies, whose name begins with that letter, will find a milky white gem in this turn worth some amount of gold. - do nothing
"Terra nova invenio aurum."
acres you buy reveal hidden gold. From festival to festival, acres bought will be more likely to have treasure. (I got treasure on my very next acre, but not the next 3 after that. -DP)
"Vigilance when bought or sold, land rewards with hidden gold."
when you buy an acre, you'll find hidden gold. When you sell an acre, you'll get an extra gold reward from an "unrelated matter." (Buy OR Sell. DON'T DO BOTH!!) [AI:I got nothing when I sold, so probably best to buy]
"I have what you need." She slides a leather bag across the table. Inside is a miniature bronze key that fits perfectly into the lock on your strange book. Dirt and seeds fall from the pages. Heartbroken, you see the text is in a foreign script and nobody you know seems to be able to read it.
THIS IS THE ELUSIVE KEY for the mysterious book from the trader. After you get the key, PAY THE ABBOT! If he doesn't offer to translate the book right away the first time, KEEP PAYING HIM. He will eventually offer to translate the book (for a mere twice the usual donation cost, ie, 20% of your gold on hand at this time) and you'll get 2 extra gold forevermore per acre! YAY!
"Against sabotage, a keep be nice. A castle owned, sayeth twice."
When you buy your keep and castle (as of this posting, only shown to those who have not purchased either or are missing one) you will recieve half the gold back the turn after purchase with a message

[ as per Emporer Ultralite Soleil.. october 28,2013 --- this is inaccurate in regards to the castle...the player does not get 500,000 gold back.] ALL players get half the cost of the KEEP back after it is purchased. (MistressKristen Blaisdale & Xanthar Xenobuilder October 28, 2013).

"The beasts of burden shall soon burden thee no more."
A reference to some missing land production upgrades.
"Dost thou seek a bar of gold? Check the purse thou hold"
A gold bar has been deposited into your accounting tab.
"[ keyword ] when spoken by request will unlock a hidden quest"
You receive the keyword for the Dungeon Quest

If you have more of these precious gems from the fortune teller, please put them here, especially if you have their meanings figured out! :)